Free path to Android development - 0 to PRO

Aug 13, 21

There are a lot paid courses and bootcamps that teach you Android development and an endless list youtube tutorials. But no where there is a clear path for someone completly new to it. In this blog post I am gonna compile all the resources that I have found over the years and some very recently that I think are great for anyone. They will be mentioned in the order I think you should follow them, but feel free to follow them as per your wish if you are already familiar with the topics covered in previous playlists.

You will make creating almost 10 apps and will teach you all the best and latest practices that are recommended in Android world by Google and Android developers.

The Kotlin Programming Language Course for Beginners

This playlist is by Donn Felker. He is one of the greatest Android developers and has worked for so many great companies and helped them create their initial version of Android app. This playlist takes you from no Kotlin knowledge to an intermediate Kotlin developer.

Getting Started with Android Development

This is one of the newer Android channels I found and the content on this channel is just awesome for a beginner. This playlist do not teach anything much about Android development, but get you setup with your Android development environment.

Android Development: Layout & UI

Another playlist likely will be the next few by The Android Factory that will teach you the basics Android layout including different layouts and widgets, ScrollView and RecyclerView.

Android Development: Our first App

In this playlist you will create your first functioning Android app combining the concepts learnt in the previous playlists + Fragments, SharedPreferences, Intents and navigation between activities.

Git & GitHub

Nothing about Android here, but an essential skill for any developer is to learn source code control system. And git being the most popular one, you should just learn it.

Simple Travel App - Senya

This playlist continues your Android understanding by building a small travel-based app displaying information about the wonderful country of Croatia! Inspired by people close to me personally, this is intended to be an interesting project to anyone viewing while taking a deeper dive at what it takes to build professional Android applications. The main focus of this season will be understanding Jetpack’s Navigation Components to implement Google’s suggested single-activity architecture. We will also cover other topics such as Git + GitHub, select 3rd party libraries, architecture discussions, and more. Jump right in and I’ll see ya in the next one!

Android Room Introduction

In this season you will build a unique app called ToBuy. It will function similar to a To-Do list app, but be filled with things you need to buy from various places - Amazon, grocery store, hardware store, etc. As always, the app will make use of industry standard practices/paradigms/3rd party libraries/etc. The ToBuy app is also backed by the Room database library, so we will take a reasonable dive into Room to understand how the library should be used, an introduction to Kotlin coroutines to keep database transactions off the main thread, migrating the database, creating a relational database, etc.

Rick & Morty Android app w/ Retrofit

This playlist you will be using the public Rick and Morty API to build out an Android app that dives deep into networking. Understanding network calls, response codes, async vs. sync programming, and everything else that goes along with fetching data from some remote service is absolutely crucial if you want to build a truly outstanding application.

Android Architectural Components Playlists

These playlists are by none other than the community favorite Coding in Flow. After going through the previous playlists these 3 playlists will solidify your concepts in Android Architectural components future.

MVVM Running Tracker App

Every Android developer will eventually at some point will need to learn how to deal with Background services and Maps and this playlist by Philipp Lackner has got you covered with a complete Running Tracker app. After learning the basics and Android architectural components, this will get you building a slightly complex app.

MVVM Spotify clone

This is another great playlist that covers background services while streaming music. This will get you started on creating your next music streaming start up.

Testing on Android

What is the purpose of building if you are not testing your app properly. Every developer at one point in their career would need to learn how to test their applications. So learn it now using this playlist.

MVVM Recipe App(Jetpack Compose)

Now there is a lot of fluff going on around Jetpack Compose as well. This blog has got you covered with that as well. In my view Mitch Tabian is one of the best Android instructors out there and he has a beginner friendly playlist to Jetpack Compose and as always he has created a Recipe App.

Pokedex App with Jetpack Compose

By why create on app with Jetpack Compose, why not 2. So there is another playlist by Philipp Lackner with teaches you to build a pokemon app.

In Total these playlists are around 75 - 80 hours of watch time. And will take anyone from a beginner to an intermediate developer. Next will be a similar post for iOS focusing on UIKit.