Some apps I have worked on


Currently working on some secret stuff in their iOS app that I cannot tell. shhh!


Implemented multiple features such card payments for premium card, new user authentication syste. Redesign of the Profile interface.

Podcasts Bin

Podcasts app similar built using UIKit with a mixture of programatic layout with Xibs. Play your favorite podcast, add it to your favorites and view your recently played history.

Boring Notes

A simple task creation, note taking app built with SwiftUI


Rewrote the app in Swift following MVVM architecture and a feature based modular structure. Implemented several new features on the Mobile and Backend.

Video Verify ECS

Conceptualized the app with client and wrote the iOS version of the application and shipped multiple updates to the AppStore and supporting.


Wrote the Backend in Node and Android version of the application for a friends charity. 'Not in the App store anymore'.


A simple Note Taking app that let's you add an image to the note as well to keep it as a memory or for any other purpose you need it to be. 'Not in the App store anymore'